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A Dedicated Team of Industry Leaders


Our company was formed in 2016 by a team of veteran technology professionals with years of industry experience building secure, highly available, transaction-based systems for companies large and small. Get to know the team of proven professionals responsible for the Safe2Meet platform.


Patricia A. Smith – Founder

Dan Fennell – Technology

Manish Verma – Operations & Strategy

Becki Ushery – Operations

Earl Camp – Sales

Nathan Gooden – Finance Accounting

Matt Watson 
Board Member

Bruce Brown
Advisory Board

Larry Stewart

D. Keith Calhoun
Board Member

Deon Norals 
Board Member

Jovan Haye 
Advisory Board

The Team:


Patricia Wilson-Smith, Founder
Patricia Wilson-Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Safe2Meet. She is an author, technology executive, educator, and a seasoned enterprise solutions architect with over two decades of experience with a variety of technologies and in a variety of industries. Smith has managed teams of Microsoft and J2EE developers in companies as varied as Equifax and InComm, Inc, worked extensively with enterprise e-commerce solutions, and built development teams and methodologies from the ground up.
Dan Fennell, Technology
Dan Fennell is a hands-on Software Architect with with 25 years of experience. The last 15 years, he has focused on delivering software solutions that scale at the application and database tiers, leveraging frameworks and standard software patterns to shorten project timelines, increase quality and simplify maintenance. He was a former VP with Equifax and has worked in consulting roles in a variety of diverse technologies.


Manish Verma, Operations & Strategy
Manish Verma is a Senior Technology Executive noted for facilitating the transformation of Enterprise Architecture and Technology Strategy to lead organizations into profitable and sustainable growth. He is an expert in a number of areas, including, e-Commerce, mobility, and building any kind of high-volume, highly available transaction-based system. As importantly, he has an exceptional creative vision and the financial savvy necessary to balance strategy and execution to optimize revenue, boost competitive advantage and forge sustainable product development. Manish is also the Founder and CEO of Cardalyze, a premier digital strategy consultancy, and a graduate of Emory’s Executive MBA program.


Becki Ushery, Operations
Becki Ushery is a Customer Experience and Operations executive with over 25 years of experience managing contact centers and customer service organizations with demonstrated success in driving highly successful customer support, process improvement and quality initiatives to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Her key expertise is in the development of organizational programs, services and projects along with supporting policies and procedures that maximize business results.


Earl Camp, Sales
Earl Camp is a career Sales Executive who establishes and builds relationships with senior level executives to drive sales funnels and conversions for transaction-based, high-dollar strategic partnerships. His primary focused has been on Fortune 1000, government agencies, healthcare providers, retail companies, manufacturing companies, and other large organizations. Earl leads the 3rd-party integration and corporate sales strategy for Safe2Meet.


Nathan Gooden, Finance/Accounting
Nathan A. Gooden serves as the Financial Officer for Safe2Meet. Prior to joining Safe2Meet, Nathan was brought into Solavei, LLC as Chief Financial Officer to lead them through a reorganization. He successfully right sized the company and restructured it to profitability. Prior to Solavei, he served as Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for Motricity, a leading global provider of mobile content and solutions with more than 120 million subscribers globally. Nathan has raised over half a billion dollars for startups, and drove the effort to take two companies public.


Now YOU Control Your Online Identity is an online platform that provides self-certification services in the form of an online background check that leverages both traditional databases for searching for criminal activity, establishing identity, new forms of social data, and tracked on and offline activity that together build a confidence or credibility index that an online shopper, buyer, or profile owner is who they say they are, and did what it says they did.

Safe2Meet helps facilitate peer-to-peer 3rd party validation, allowing actors in an online transaction to initiate a validation prior to conducting business or any other interaction with someone they’ve encountered on or offline.

Changing the way you think about your online identity.


At Safe2Meet, we believe that your online identity is an important part of who you are and should be protected. We started Safe2Meet to give individuals the ability to declare their credibility, and to distinguish themselves from those who would use the web, or other means of interaction for less than ethical reasons. Our platform was designed to give you ultimate control of what you create, and allows you to validate both your online and offline activity in a way that shows that you are responsible and yes, credible.


Our company was formed in 2016 by a team of veteran technology professionals with years of industry experience building secure, highly available, transaction-based systems for companies large and small. We believe that our platform will not only provide a valuable service to its users, but that in the end it will make interactions between strangers easier and less dangerous.


A culture of credibility and responsibility.


We live in an age where our digital footprint is no longer within our control – scammers can pretend to be us, use our likenesses, and assume our identities. Even worse, they can create false identities and use them to exploit the unsuspecting. Safe2Meet solves the problem of anonymity on and offline by providing a platform that allows you to centralize your online activities and confirm them against your validated identity. Your activities are tracked through our platform, and any question about their authenticity can be answered via our patent pending process for confirming them instantly and securely. Safe2Meet is the world’s first online identity and activity management platform – it’s going to change everything about the way we interact with strangers online, and in person.