Making the World A Safer Place


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One line of code at a time.

Making the world a safer place is hard work. But I love every minute of it. It’s incredible to be working on a technology innovation that is practically guaranteed to keep people safe. Knowing how important Safe2Meet may one day be in helping ordinary everyday people buy, sell, date, do anything – blows my mind. And so I’ve decided it’s time to start writing about the journey.


In the coming weeks, the Safe2Meet team will step up our efforts to chronical the strange and wonderful quest we’re on to build the first peer-to-peer platform that establishes trust. Imagine it – an entire population people who have publicly declared their credibility and given you the peace of mind you need to interact with them. That would be pretty cool, right?


Well that’s EXACTLY what Safe2Meet is. And we can’t wait to bring it to you. #Safe2Meet4Life!