Introducing: “What The H*#! is Safe2Meet Anyway?”

What the heck is Safe2Meet Anyway

We are proud and happy to announce that we are beginning to get a lot of GREAT feedback and questions about Safe2Meet, and so we’ve introduced a new feature for the blog called “What The H*#! is Safe2Meet Anyway?”, where we’ll answer questions about the platform, mainly by featuring great questions that we receive from you, our potential customers!

Today’s question comes from a Facebook user, who’s name has been redacted to protect the innocent (which of course is what we here at Safe2Meet are all about):

It was a fair question. So here’s our answer:
Thanks for the question. Obviously we can’t predict what any individual will do in a relationship, during a business transaction or in any other way. The goal of Safe2Meet is to give people who want to be part of a trusted community of online buyers, sellers, daters, etc. a platform for establishing their identity and credibility. We hope to deter those people who are faking their identities, and who have serious criminal backgrounds by creating a place of trust that will only include those who are not afraid to identify themselves as real people who have a measure of credibility. Loved the question! Thank you!

…and the link to our comment on Facebook:

We know we have some work to do to help the world understand what we’re all about, but we’re up to the challenge! Stay tuned for more content that explains Safe2Meet, and we hope you look forward to more “What The H*#! is Safe2Meet Anyway” blog posts. We sure do!