We’re About to Launch Our Indiegogo Campaign!

We need your help to bring the world’s first peer-to-peer verification platform to reality!

Our Campaign Launches June 1st!

Help Us Launch the World’s First Peer-to-Peer Community of Trust! Visit Us on Indiegogo Now!

Why an Indiegogo Campaign?


We’re looking for $100,000 to help us to take our self-funded pilot to the next level – a full-blown enterprise platform that will be able to support the millions of users who want to declare their credibility!

What Will The Funds Be Used For?

This amount of money will help us to:


  • Transition from beta testing to a fully-tested, ultra-secure public platform in the next 90 days
  • Build and test the mobile app that will make it possible to ensure secure communications between people who encounter one of our badges and our Safe2Meet subscribers
  • Launch a marketing campaign that will help us spread the word about the platform to begin building a larger community of trusted people!


  • perks

  • Supporters of the Safe2Meet platform will receive:

    • a limited edition “Declare Your Status” t-shirt
    • plus a 30-day, 90-day, or annual subscription

    A lucky few will be chosen to participate in the final BETA test phase prior to the public launch as well! You will be able to help shape the future of the platform and become a disciple for the virtues of establishing online credibility and protecting ourselves from the less than credible.

Get a Signature Edition “Declare Your Status” T-Shirt!