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First of its kind Peer Verification

No more wondering if someone you encounter online is real, safe or trustworthy. Safe2Meet allows you to request a verification from a potential buyer, babysitter, blind date, or anyone else you decide! Choose to meet only the people who have also confirmed their credibility on our platform!

Know Before You Go!


smallbadge1 What is Safe2Meet?

It’s all about web “cred” 

Safe2Meet solves the problem of anonymity on the web by helping you establish your credibility and the credibility of online or offline connections.

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Anonymous Web User


How does it work?

Credibility Algorithm

(Geek talk for background check..kinda)

Safe2Meet uses a patent pending Credibility Algorithm to establish that you are who you say you are, and then compiles social network, public records, and other verified data repositories to assess your level of credibility.



You provide basic identifying information and our Credibility Algorithm will get to work.



Check the gauge on your dashboard – we’ll tell you what your personal credibility score is



Voila! Once you download your badge, your verified identity can be displayed for the world to see



Take your new found credibility rating and establish connections with other credible people.



Looking for a Safe2Place2Meet? Check out to find a location near you that has met our standards for providing safe, secure locations for strangers to meet!

Safe2Meet is almost here
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