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You need to meet or do business with someone you’re not sure you can trust. Safe2Meet compiles social network, public records, and other verified data repositories to verify any user, in real-time, so you know before you go.


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Get your personal Safe2Meet score and learn how it can improve over time. Others see your status, but not your score.


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Scan Safe2Meet digital badges with our mobile app to check a user’s status and communicate anonymously and securely!


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Display your badge on social media, dating sites- anywhere to show you’re a member of the Safe2Meet Community of Trust!

Buy and Sell Online. Safely.

Afraid to Use Craigslist?

With Safe2Meet, you can quickly confirm a stranger is who they say they are, and that they have no serious criminal history in their background! Choose to deal only with users who are verified Safe2Meet!

What Is Safe2Meet?

Verify the identity and background of anyone before you meet them.

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smallbadge1 What is Safe2Meet?

It’s all about web “cred” 

Safe2Meet solves the problem of anonymity on the web by helping you establish your credibility and the credibility of online or offline connections.

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Real-Time, Peer-to-Peer Identity and Background Verification

Verify anyone’s identity – in real-time. Promote your verified status.

First of its kind Peer Verification

No more wondering if someone you encounter online is real, safe or trustworthy. Safe2Meet allows you to request a verification from a potential buyer, babysitter, blind date, or anyone else you decide! Choose to meet only the people who have also confirmed their identity and background on our platform!

Know Before You Go!


Only $14.95 Per Month!

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Safe2Meet helps keep your online and offline transactions safe from people who troll the internet looking for victims. No need to worry about whether or not the person you’re meeting is who they say they are. Join the community of trust and make sure they’re verified Safe2Meet!